Sassy Gardener

Do You Need Some Help?

You may have some pretty good intentions to work on your garden, but sometimes you may feel unable to work it all out.

Maybe it is that the garden is not having an appropriate corner for the entertainment of your friends.

Perhaps you are spending too many hours doing garden and yard work.

Or it could be that you just moved in to your new home, and don’t know where or how to begin to create an outdoor welcoming space because you’re looking at a yard that’s filled with weeds and dirt.


Sassy Gardener is serving residential homeowners and provides:

  • Great and free consultations for landscape design, and creative and affordable garden solutions that are reflecting your personal taste and individual style preference.
  • Professional solutions and designs that are based on extensive experience with landscaping and gardening and a formal education in  Landscape Architecture.
  • Skilled at designing multiple garden and landscaping concepts, including native plants gardens, cutting flower gardens, naturalistic styled gardens, low-maintenance projects, and classically or formally designed gardens and landscapes.

Sassy Gardener can:

  • Help you in the creation of a fantastic outdoor space that allows you and your family to play, relax, or entertain.
  • Provide creative solutions if you want to redesign parts of your outdoor space to according to your changed ideas.
  • Develop entire garden designs from scratch that are in line with your budget, your desires, and your property.
  • Offer you “consultation-only” session to guide you to translate your ideas for your outdoor area into a solid action plan.

We would be very pleased to support you to keep on the right track with your intentions for great gardening, and if you didn’t start yet, we would welcome the chance to give you a hand and make sure you will stay on the right track. We can advise how to best design a nice and welcoming entry or how to create a beautiful water garden. We offer professional help and advise, from creating an optimal place for your gazebo to planning the nice kitchen garden that you’ve always wanted.


We welcome students. If you are not sure about your career but you would like to try your skills as a gardener  you are welcome to apply for the internship. We cooperate with MyCareerTools website and offer in the voluntary internship for GED students. It gives students the opportunity to work in a prestigious garden while learning gardening skills and techniques. If you are looking for a new career or just wander if gardening is for you, we can offer you advice and help. Recommended steps: take a career tests and check if gardening fits your personality if yes, we will help you to get skills needed to become a gardener.

We also recommend the Master Gardener Program provided by the Washington State University. Click here if you want to become a master gardener volunteer.
Garden – Nature Harmony

There’s nothing wrong with “gentler, or kinder” concepts if you want to start gardening. This is sometimes so much easier than you would have thought.

Rather than herbicides, you can use ground covers or mulch if you want to prevent weeds spoiling your flowerbeds or garden.

Rather than applying pesticides to all plants in your garden, use pesticide only for those plants that are suffering.

Rather than frustrate your plants by forcing them into conditions they aren’t suited for, try to garden in a way that works for your plants’ needs.

Be Nature – Friendly

You can find plenty of great natural resources and support to help create the best and most gorgeous garden there is. There are fascination, colorful birds that love eating all insect pests threatening to munch away at your flowers and plants, and humble earthworms are happy to aerate your garden, while fertilizing it at the same time. You will notice that your plants and flowers will be rewarding you with less diseases and healthier growth when you will not challenge them too much by using potent or even harmful fertilizers.

Help the Garden to Grow – Don’t Push it too Far

Let our “How To” section help you with your gardening techniques. We will demonstrate some home garden tricks and though some of it may seem a little old-fashioned, it definitively will work perfectly in your home garden. You are welcome to incorporate and apply all these tips and ideas into your gardening practices, and we are sure that before long, you will be able to see some very positive changes n your garden or outdoor space. In case you have any questions on our advice, please feel free to contact us. There are no such things as “dumb” or “too simple” questions, so get in touch with us.